Saturday, May 21, 2011

My God is a Vow

During the difficult pregnancy of our fourth child, while questioning my wisdom in adding yet another arrow to our "quiver" of blessings, the Lord gave me this poem. We did not as yet know if the child was a boy or girl, but as we had been considering names, the name Isabella was a feminine candidate. With three meanings: "My God is a Vow", "My God is Faithful", and "Consecrated to God", Isabella came to be the name of our precious second daughter, a true gift from God.

My God is a vow, binding to me
All that was promised, all dear to me;
Sacred submission, extravagant trust,
Surrendered unbidden, yet constrained to give thus.

Consecrated to God, most precious of price;
An entrustment of faith, an expectation of sight.
Assured of my hope and confident of Your claim
To keep all I’ve committed to You against that Day.

My God is faithful, trustworthy and true;
Unwavering in His promises to those who
Believe that He IS, and is a rewarder to those
Who diligently seek Him, whose heart cry He knows.

My Isabella, my child of conviction;
You were the gift I requested unbidden.
Given to me as a stewardship of trust,
I give you to God in certain confidence.

Heather Wathen

Psalm 76:11, “Make vows to the LORD your God, and pay them...”

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