Wednesday, June 8, 2011

God is my Strength

My second born son, Gabriel, is a strong hearted little man. He has been called stubborn, strong-willed, and resolute, as well. In the challenge of parenting such a "big" little person, I have often turned to the Lord for strength myself. I have come to trust in God's soveriegn plan for his precious life, to have thus equipped him with such determination of heart. This poem, written both tongue-in-cheek, and yet earnestly as well, expresses my feelings thus.

His name means,
"God is my Strength".

“God is my Strength”
The name given to me,
Ordained by my God
To so aptly fit me!

As if driven by a calling
Felt deep inside of me,
I face each test with boldness;
God has a great purpose for me.

A warrior's heart of courage,
Beats strongly in my chest;
Face like a flint, I press toward the goal,
I savour each challenge and quest.

God, grant me the grace to endure all I’ll face
As I walk in obedience to You.
Oh, God be my Strength, whatever the length
Of my years of service to You.

Heather Wathen

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