Sunday, September 4, 2011

Victoria, city of mine heart


Vic-to-ri-a (noun): (1) 1819-1901, Queen of Great Britain 1837-1901, (2) the capital of British Columbia, (3) vic-tor (feminine): she who has succeeded in winning any struggle or contest---Syn. Conqueror.

Oh, reining, restless Victoria... Thou queen of all the Islands, Sweet home of mine own sojourn, The place that my whole heart is. Why, pray tell, does my heart beat for thee, My soul quake, my spirit long hungrily? How, sad city, with thy lovely facade, Hast thou gripped me, consumed my every thought? The very fibres of mine being Resound thus passionately, Beating, pounding, in my chest, Love hurts so deeply yearning. Whence did thou enter into mine heart? Why thence, hast thou captured my mind? How, dearest of places that I have been, Has God made my soul pine for thine? Why this zeal cannot I quiet With thus reasonable sensibilities? Why would God, in all His wisdom, Choose two foolish nobodies? Here I strengthen that which fails, In light of known inadequacies. For mine is a God who scorns the strong And delights in using weak things. Here mine lack becomes my supply; Mine simplicity is my wisdom; In mine weakness, He is strong; My glory and boast are in Him. Thus, Victoria, city of mine heart, I come to thee not in mine strength; That thou may see’st God as He is, I come not in mine own wisdom. Oh, city of God’s sovereign choosing, To thus burden mine willing soul for, I come to thee as one not mighty, To magnify and exalt my Lord. “To God be the glory!”is my heart’s cry; My life but a trophy of grace. He will exalt Himself as the One Who deserves all honour and praise.
Heather Wathen

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  1. David-esque! Isaiah-ish! Jeremiah-like!Ezekielian! Oh, that we all might have like burdens to center the soul on that which is worthy of our heart's affections and attentions!