Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vanity of Vanities

 Vanity of Vanities

Rich velvet and silk, satin and lace

Adorning my bed and windows with grace.

Classical paintings, gilded in brass,

China, silver, crystal, and mirrored looking glass.

Leather, wool rugs, and gilded cloth books,

Mahogany, oak, and other fine woods,

Beautiful sofas, tables, and chairs,

Cabinets and dressers to contain my fine wares.

The riches and splendour come at a high cost:

My focus, my fruit, to emptiness lost.

God give me Your vision to see past the lies;

Hold that which is real before my heart's eyes.

Why would I, at the end of all time

Store up these treasures, piled high to the sky?

Vanity, fading, and passing away,

These beautiful things I so covet today.

Like Achan I've hidden an accursed thing,

Root it out of my heart and pardon me.

I have lusted after the pleasures of sight,

But my heart cries for the restoration of right.

I cast myself upon Your great mercy;

Forgive me my sin and don't reimburse me.

I cry out to You in sorrow and hope,

My God of Grace, My God alone. Amen.

"Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside Thee. My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever." (Psalm 73:25,26)

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