Thursday, September 15, 2016

Heather Wathen

Hi, I'm Heather and this is my blog.

Here's a little bio for you:

I am a Christian and a pastor's wife living in Victoria, British Columbia. My husband pastors Calvary Victoria, which is a seven year old church plant that currently meets at an old Scout Hall.  Our church motto is:  "Real. Simple. Church." and we live up to it. Every Sunday, a group of faithful servants arrive early to set up church in the bare old hall. If the look was intentional, one might call it "vintage industrial chic," but really it's just what we have and it works.

When service starts, we sing a mixture of new and old worship songs and hymns and have a group Bible reading, going back and forth between odd and even verses. Then there are announcements and a dismissal of the kids to go to their classes. We take a 10 minute fellowship break, where everyone gets up and wanders over to the tea and coffee tables and chats with each other.

Then, we all sit down to listen to an interesting and relevant 50 minute exposition of a Bible chapter. (Yes, that is "50", not "15." My husband really is an excellent Bible teacher who brings the scriptures to life; I never fail to get something new out of an old passage when he teaches it). Then we all get more tea and coffee, and talk with each other for another hour, before we finally shut down the place and head out. It's my favourite part of my week.

The rest of the time, I do all sorts of things. Like laundry.

And cooking. And packing lunches. And cleaning. And driving kids to school and sports. Yes. I'm a Mom, and I dearly love my four charges. I have exactly two boys and two girls, so I can stay balanced. I myself was the oldest of three sisters and my husband the youngest of four brothers, so there you have it. Balance. You need balance when you are a Mom.

However, in my bat cave, after everyone is out of the house and the chores are (somewhat) done, I transform into English Girl. I am a super hero of British identity, cultivating such interests and hobbies such as drinking tea, sewing historical costumes, reading Sir Walter Scott and European history, painting botanical subjects, writing fiction novels that nobody reads, and collecting blue and white china. I am not at all balanced as English Girl, but a hey, who needs balance?

And so, I teeter and totter between my two identities, until my third identity takes the reins and off we go. She's called the "Teacher," and has been known to monologue, lecture, and preach as well... sometimes one on one. Yikes. I can be kind of awkward when I'm in teacher mode and not holding a microphone.... and standing back some twenty feet from the crowd (or overwhelmed individual). In fact, I can be outright irritating. Thanks again to all you who remain my friends after being the subject of my teaching personality. But, hey, Teacher is not all that bad when she has a keyboard or an interested audience. In fact, she can be quite engaging.

So, basically, Grace for Victoria is my outlet for when I have something awesome to share, and would rather save my friends and husband the up-close and personal ear full. I LOVE to study the Word of God, history, and culture, and am always learning how to make some new thing. What goes in must come out, and in relation to spiritual subjects, GFV is where I let it out.  Enjoy :)

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