Friday, December 9, 2016

Intellectual freedom

The Seismic Power of Sorry
The concept of "sorry" has earth shaking power. Far from the obligatory statement of apology from our childhoods, "sorry" has within itself the raw seismic capacity to level mountains and raise valleys.

Millenials: Is the "Rapture" wanton escapism?
The pre-tribulational rapture doctrine. Like an bull in a china closet, it seems to be the most awkward doctrine of the day, causing clashes and breakage all over the place. At the word, "rapture," Millennials everywhere try not to visibly cringe. What is it about the rapture that gets Millennial Christian's hackles up?

The secret connection between healing and humility.

Recipe: devotions
Toss the cellophane wrapped devo book. Here's a recipe for a nutritious, fresh, homemade, organic, devotional time with Jesus from scratch.

Conversation with God
Does God still "speak" to people, like in the Bible? When I say, "It's not a religion, it's a relationship," am I experiencing that practically? How do I have a conversation with God?

Elect Jesus King?
Is the lordship of Christ an optional "extra" for the Christian life, like the special features offered in addition to a "basic" cell phone plan?

The Call to Discipleship
Are only some called to be disciple-makers? An in depth look at the believer's call to be and make disciples.

Grace Discipleship
Many suspect the word “discipleship” to be merely a sneaky synonym for legalism. Add the word “grace” to it, and you have, in many minds, an oxymoron. After all, how can you be a gracious legalist?

Parenting or Personality?
 Is a child like a lump of clay to be sculpted into a beautiful vessel by the parent, or a seed to be nurtured  into maturity?

Movement and Mercy
Ever been moved? To move means simply to change position, and to be moved is to have something else exert force upon you that causes you to leave your prior position. David said in Psalm 21:7, "For the king trusts in the LORD, and through the mercy of the Most High he shall not be moved." Moved?

Punishment and the Christian
 As a Christian, you know that your sins are eternally forgiven in Christ, accomplished by His atoning death on the cross. Right?
     And yet... do certain sins still seem to haunt you, even though they were forgiven at Calvary... sins you keep falling into, over and over again?  Have you ever wondered if the hardships you are facing right now are somehow God's punishment for those those sins? Is there a limit to God's mercy?

Failure to Launch?
This is the part of the show where Heather comes out and gives a her little rant. Apologies in advance for any offence taken. (I intended to, though, you know). It is a rant. WARNING: not terribly gracious, but, ahem, true.

Desire and Purpose
Every wonder why "the desires of your heart" seem to pass you by? Do you question what that "special plan" is that God has for your life?

Language of Labour
The maternal nature of Christ was an utter epiphany to me. Christ, too, wears the marks of “motherhood” in His nail scarred hands and feet for all of eternity; a testimony to His sacrifice for us.

The Power of Weakness
Would you like to listen to a sob story? A tale of weakness? I know several really pathetic ones. In fact, I have one of my own. Grab the tissue box, (I jest). I call it "Woe is me." Ready? Here goes:

How to Cure Covetousness
Oh, gosh. This subject applies to me more than I care to admit. Born and raised in Southern California, covetousness was a favourite pastime. Every Sunday, we would all sit around and read the ads that came in the Sunday paper, creating new lists of items we didn't know we wanted until we saw them, but now had to have.

A Victorian Anniversary 
 On March 13, 2003 we boarded a plane bound for Victoria, BC, expecting to spend the next five days touring and praying over the city. Nine years later, we're still here. I marvel at God's faithfulness to guide these two weak, but willing, individuals into all the good works He has prepared beforehand.

The Cost of Freedoms 
Ours is a country that allows us to have a voice, to have an opinion, to make a choice. I am free to choose what I believe in. I am free to live according to my conscience. I am free to change my mind. I am free to speak my mind. Such freedoms are precious, and it is a priceless treasure we have been given to be part of this nation and era of free thought.
     Yet, I ask you, at what cost are we willing to keep these freedoms? And is it worth it?

A Second Wind
 I stumbled across this article, written last summer, that I guess I just never hit the "publish" button on! As I find myself encouraged (by myself! ha,ha) to press on through this exhaustion, I believe I understand God's timing in even this. Be blessed.

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