Thursday, September 6, 2018



(Read with a British accent)

Harebrained, Scarebrained,

Muddled and Confused.

Whimsical, Intrinsical,

Eccentric and Bemused!

Artistic or Autistic? 

Is it Actually what we Fear?

Are they Crazy or Creative?

Or just Cleverly Quite Queer?

Idiosyncratic, Quirky, 

Maddeningly Smirky, 

The Mixture is still Murky.

Have you Rabbit’s Ear?

Mercury and Madness.

Beavers Fur and Fashion.

Wear the Hat and Lose your Mind:

The Habit of the Rabbit.

March on and Box your Hair.

Don’t Hatter your Mind about That.

The Milliner’s gone to Bedlam.

The Belfry is Full of Bats!

Heather Wathen

September 1, 2018

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