Psalm Notes

Psalm Notes
Verse by Verse Bible Studies in the Psalms
By Heather Wathen

       The Psalms, largely penned by David, are a collection of beautiful poems and songs written from the heart of man to the heart of God. The epitome of worship, this collection of scriptures is full of profound insights into the character and nature of God. Such an intimate look at our heavenly Father and Bridegroom clarifies many misconceptions about God’s attitude and emotions toward us.
       As we read through the Psalms, we begin to comprehend more of His faithfulness, unconditional love, and mercy toward fallen mankind and such awakens in the human spirit a desire to worship our loving God. We begin to trust Him more and desire to please Him more. We love Him more. This is essential to our understanding of all human relationships.
       Unconditional love is the foundation upon which all other relational “virtues” are built, whether honor and obedience, joy and unity, or selflessness and submission. Love is both the impetus and the response to love. “We love Him because He first loved us.” (I John 4:19)

      My desire is that you would be blessed and edified in your faith as you read each of these inspired, and yet deeply human, poetic writings known as "The Psalms."

Psalm 1: A psalm of contrasts
Psalm 2: A psalm of the millenial reign of Christ
Psalm 3: A psalm of dependence upon God's mercy
Psalm 4: A psalm of true righteousness
Psalm 5: A psalm and prayer for guidance
Psalm 6: A psalm of persevering faith in distress
Psalm 7: A psalm of confidence in God's justice
Psalm 8: A psalm about God's gift of dominion to man
Psalm 9: A psalm of righteous judgment 
Psalm 10: A psalm about God's justice
Psalm 11: A psalm of trust through trial
Psalm 12: A psalm contrasting words, faithful and faithless.
Psalm 13: A psalm of trust in the midst of depression
Psalm 14: A psalm describing the corruption of atheism
Psalm 15: A psalm of ideals, and human frailty
Psalm 16: A psalm of profound insights 
Psalm 17: A psalm of trust in the Lord's defense
Psalm 18: A psalm of God's deliverance
Psalm 19: A psalm of the perfect revelation of the LORD
Psalm 20: A psalm of intercession for deliverance
Psalm 21: A psalm of praise for answered prayer
Psalm 22: A psalm of the crucifixion
Psalm 23: A psalm of dependence
Psalm 24: A psalm to be sung as the ark was brought to Mount Zion
Psalm 25: A psalm of trust in God's mercy and deliverance
Psalm 26: A psalm pleading vindication
Psalm 27: A psalm of hope in the midst of fear
Psalm 28: A psalm of prayer and praise
Psalm 29: A psalm of awe at the power of God's voice
Psalm 30: A psalm for times of weeping
Psalm 31: A psalm of trust in the face of accusation
Psalm 32: A psalm of forgiveness
Psalm 33: A psalm of national worship
Psalm 34: A psalm of David when he pretended madness before Abimelech, who drove him away, and he departed.
Psalm 35: A psalm for when you are hated

Psalm 73: A psalm of jealousy
Psalm 131: A psalm of contentment
Psalm 143:8 David's Daily Devotion
Psalm 146: A psalm of deliverance

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